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Purchase an Ad for your favorite Titan in the Yearbook!


—Posted by: Kristina Repp, Updated on: January 12, 2017

2017 Yearbook Patron Ads
It's time to highlight someone special in the 2017 yearbook

The 2017 SAHS yearbook staff is in the process of producing patron ads for this year's Elysian Fields yearbook, which will be printed in all color, every page. This is your chance to highlight a special student or students with pictures, words of praise or both.

Cost and Options:
Full page: $225  Can include up to eight photos and 100 words
Half page: $135  Can include up to six photos and 60 words
Quarter page: $95  Can include up to two photos and 30 words
Eighth of a page: $65  Can include one photo and 25 words
Text only: $10  Can include up to 25 words

Please send all payments (checks made out to "Elysian Fields"), photos and text to:
                Mr. Paul Piesz, yearbook advisor
                Anderson High School
                15475 Leroy
                Southgate, MI 48195

DEADLINE IS Friday, January 27th
    All photos submitted should have your name or the student's name on the back. Photos will be scanned into the computer at Anderson and held in my room. Students/parents may pick up photos from me in room 40 or I can mail the photos back to those who include a SASE. Please do not include any photos where silhouettes have been cut out with scissors or other means. Also, the clarity of your photo, especially in the age of digital photography and duplication, is important. If the photo we receive is unclear, when reprinted in the yearbook the photo will look even worse.
If you wish, please include email address to send PDF to check accuracy.

Originally Submitted
January 12, 2017

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